"Trecos da tita" is the first children's book I've written and also illustrated.
It's the story of a kid spending an afternoon with his uncle cleaning and packing up
all the stuff his auntie left at the house after she passed away.

Throughout the day, the child and his uncle find things that brings back memories
of who "tita" (tender Portuguese word for aunt) was, the things that she liked (such
as food, traveling, collecting souveniers, diverse craftsmanship, taking pictures), what
she worked at (teaching Geography for children and art restoration specially
in churches), and overall things that can bring both these characters comfort through
their mouring period of such a close person.
Opening scene shows a child getting to his uncle's house to help him clean and pack up auntie's stuff.
Every chapter of the book is divided by the illustration of a clock, showing the time of the day that marked a flashback or backstory about the kid's aunt.
By the end of the day, both the characters talk about how auntie's may have become a star looking out for all her stuff from the above.
This book is dedicated to my auntie and her stuff.
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